Membership Fee Details

Membership Fee Details




Membership Fee
(First Time Fee):Rs.250/-

Annual Subscription Fee: Rs.100/-



(Adult – 2 Persons + Children -2 Persons)

Membership Fee
(First Time Fee):Rs.500/-

Annual Subscription Fee: Rs.200/-


Senior Citizen

Membership Fee
(First Time Fee):Rs.100/-

Annual Subscription Fee: Rs.50/-



Membership Fee
(First Time Fee):Rs.150/-

Annual Subscription Fee: Rs.75/-

  •  Since this library is functioning as Reference Library, the membership fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  •  Please bring two Passport Size photos (including one which to be pasted in the application form).
  •  Membership fee should be paid in cash.
Required documents
  •  Photo ID proof issued by Government - Aadhar etc.
  •  Two Passport Size Photos