Braille Section

Braille Section


Braille Section is located at Ground Floor, special care is taken to facilitate Braille readers in this section. This section has 1500 printed Braille books, 145 e-books and 1080 Audio Books

Braille Reader

The section is equipped with Braille Refresh-able Display Readers. An entire book in Tamil, or any other Indian Language and English can be stored and indexed in the Braille Reader. The visually challenged can select a book of any language, stored in the Braille Reader and read line by line and page by page. The navigation controls are in Braille format which can be operated and navigated with ease. Each Readers can store 1000 books of 300 pages on an average.

Braille Conversion

The section has Software tools that convert text composed in Tamil, English or any other Indian Languages in to Braille text for visually challenged readers.

Braille Embossing

The section has Double sided Embosser that embosses Braille texts. The Embosser has lots of handy features that enables printing of Braille Book resources and information faster and easier at economic cost.

Software Tools :

Visually challenged are given access to Computers installed with assisstive software tools that help in:


Operating computers with voice commands


Text to Voice file conversion


Daisy formatted books reading


Easy search and find facility


Reading audio book and reference texts