"Ekki Dhokki" - Storytelling Program !

Posted by Anna Centenary on 11:26 AM
Yekk means one and Doh means two in Marathi told the storyteller to the young listeners, it was the story of two young sisters Ekki having a single hair upon her head and Dokki having two hairs that cheered the children during the storytelling session at Anna Centenary Library on 07.05.11. This Marathi folktale "Ekki Dhokki" which emphasized on the moral that a good heart is the key to all treasures was wonderfully narrated in Tamil by Ms. Shobana.

After the narration of the story, there was a question-answer time and a sensory game time in which the participants won gifts and everybody enjoyed thoroughly.

There was yet another Jewish story "Something from Nothing" which enabled everyone to think that we can be creative and come up in life even if we have nothing with us. Sweets and Bookmarks were distrtibuted to all the children by the storytelling team.

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