Yoga programme for Children

Posted by Anna Centenary on 3:51 PM
Yoga was performed for the children at ACL on 24th April 2011 by Master Niranjan and team. The Show started with Suryanamaskara and a formation of the word YOGA with yoga.

An eight-year old Master S. Niranjan (A Gold medalist of the South Asian Yoga Champion at Katanmandu, Nepal). performed some of the toughest yogasanans like
Vrischikasana, Gunda Perundasana, Mayurasana
and astonished the audience.

The Other performers G.Kamali, M. Sajan Menon and J. Arun Kumar put up a demonstration of some of the simple asanas namely the
vajrasana, chakrasana, halasana and sirsasana.

At the end of the event Yoga Master Dr. V.Balakrishnan who trained these children made the children demonstrate 15 simple asanas which if performed everyday would help in better digestion, breathing and get rid of fever, common cold, stress.
Yoga has tons of benefits. It can improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina and lot more..

Thanks to Master S. Niranjan and his team!

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