World Autism awareness Day programme

Posted by Anna Centenary on 5:43 PM
Anna Centenary Library in association with Vidyasagar have organized an awareness building programme, ‘Stand up for Autism’ to mark the World Austism Awareness Day on 2nd, April, 2011. Vidya Sagar, is a 26 – years old voluntary organization working with people with neurological impairments from birth to adulthood, and reaches out to around 3,500 people with disabilities and their families in any given year, through various projects and programmes.

Autism is a neurobiological disorder, that affects a person’s ability to make sense of the world, communicate by interact with others, the way people typically do. The severity of these issues varies in degrees. The recent prevalence rate of autism is 1 : 150 live births.

The awareness programme ‘Stand Up for Autism’ was conducted for the public at Anna Centenary Library with Vidyasagar Kotturpuram. The programme gradually took the audience through the process, with experiential activities, Multiple Intelligence Test, Key information on Autism, Explanations, Discussions and penning their thoughts on how they could make a mark. All participants were issued a badge to ‘Stand up for Autism’. This programme attracted all type of users and public.

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