Exhibition of Russian Children’s Works

Posted by Anna Centenary Library on 1:49 PM
Russia and India have longstanding friendly cooperation in different spheres including cultural relations. It is very important for both countries to further develop bilateral partnership.

Children of the Russian Consulate General School have learnt a lot about cultural traditions, holidays and handicrafts of both countries. Children, their parents and teachers often visit concerts of Russian and Indian Performers and exhibitions of arts and crafts. Under the direction of their teachers they are working on team projects “Russia and India the Eyes of Children and Adults”, “Russia in Symbols and Images”.

The projects comprise group and individual works: Picture “Russia and India: official symbols and perception”, photo album “Russian and Indian temples and Churches”; “Trays of Zhostkovo”, “Khokhloma painting on palm leaves plates”, “Dymkovo clay toys”, “Pot painting for a fair”, “The first Russian dill”, ‘ Movable cardboard toys”, “Clay modeling”, album “Four seasons” and others.

Children show their skills and knowledge during exhibitions of their achievements which are held for Russian and India guests. Russian cultural centre hosted exhibition “Russia and India in the Eyes of Children and Adults” in June 2010. In Decembers 2010 the Russian school invited Indian Guests for presentations “Russia in Symbols and Images” where children described their projects in English, sang Russian songs, danced in a ring.

The Exhibition will be held at the Anna Centenary Library from February 1 to February 14, 2011.

Getting acquainted with the works of the Russian children contributes to further development of friendly relations between Russia and India and interpenetration of their cultures.

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